tbt One Direction


This time last year I gave my sister tickets to 1D in Philly for her 14th birthday with the agreement that she would never expect me to top that present ever.


It was pretty awesome to look forward to the concert from January until September.  I framed her ticket and that’s what she unwrapped.  It sat on her nightstand waiting.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a blast as well!


When It’s Cold Outside

I want to be these kids right here

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I want to enjoy the brisk air, pink noses, hot chocolate, and bundling up to go outside.

I don’t.  I’m this kid here

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I hate to be cold.  I really really really dislike it.  I have tried to acclimate myself, but it hurts in my bones.

That being said, I learned to like snow about 9 years ago so I am pumped for the forecast for this weekend!!!  Even if I don’t take Bart out (he’s not really a snow bike) I’m planning to beg and plead with Homie to go exploring with me!



Two Years

Two years ago today I defended my MA thesis.  In a lot of ways that was a hard ass day.  I still don’t really know what to make of all of that.

I passed my defense, but here I am now exactly two years out and I still haven’t gotten the job that I did my MA for.  I still don’t even have a permanent job.

My current position will hopefully be converted from a two-year term position to a permanent position at the end of June.  But it’s not the job I was working for.

I finished my defense and waited in the hallway for what seemed like forever.  My advisor finally came out to tell me I had passed and that we could debrief on it later, to go get a drink.

I took the bus to meet Homie. We went to Chipotle because I knew I could get a beer there.  I don’t even think I ate anything because I was so frazzled.

I got back to school and sat down in the office to work on some stuff before going to class.  Someone came in and asked me if I had seen a girl in our program, Rachel.  She didn’t show up to attend the class she assisted with.  That had never happened before and people were worried about her.

Within the hour someone came in and told us that she had been found unconscious in the parking garage across from campus.

The school is in a rough area and the block around that  parking garage is particularly notorious.

I think everyone assumed that it was at best a robbery gone wrong.

Earlier in the school year two blocks away and one block off campus at 2 p.m. on a Monday afternoon a girl noticed a man following her closely.  The bushes were overgrown so she stepped off the sidewalk into the street, he followed her.  She picked up the pace and walked into the middle of the road so that she was even more visible.  He tackled her and tried to rape her.  Stupid motherfucker couldn’t get his belt undone and she was able to scream and push him off of her.  A couple of students just a few hundred yards behind her came running and he took off.

So a girl unconscious in the parking garage didn’t bode well.  All we knew was that she was at the hospital down the street and her parents were with her.

We went to class and fortunately, the professor kept it pretty brief.  We got back to the office after class only to hear that there had been a bombing at the Boston Marathon.

We hung around watching coverage of what was happening in Boston and hoping for news about Rachel.

Finally about 6 p.m. we found out that another student had noticed her car door open.  He assumed that someone had broken into her car so he walked closer planning to call the police and report it.  Then he saw her laying on the ground next to the car.  He called 911 and waited until the paramedics arrived.  Based on the time he found her and when she had left for class she had only been there for 15 minutes or so which was a huge relief.

But what a start to the week, so crazy and draining and it’s hard to believe it has already been two years since all that happened.




Random Thoughts for Today

1. I have no idea what to wear today.  I have class (casual, but in a chilly room) then I’m biking to work (athletic wear would be most comfortable) then work (business casual) then I’m probably going to stop by the Jefferson memorial/Tidal Basin for a little cheer for my soul.  How does one dress appropriately for those events without packing multiple changes of clothing?

2. I’m biking today!!!  That’s a big thing on my goals list for this year!  I got my bike fixed yesterday.  Not to be insufferable, but I love when I’m right.  Last year I got some work done on my bike cause it’s old and I kept telling Homie from day 1 when I brought it home that something was off.  Every single time I have ridden it in the past year has been incredibly frustrating and upsetting because something was messed up with my chain when I shifted gears.  That wouldn’t be a cause for tears except that after 15 years of owning the bike it shouldn’t be messed up after I drop $300 bucks for a tune-up (really more than a tune-up, new everything).  Yesterday a friend looked at it and realized that the bike shop tightened a piece in such a way that it bumped the chain off every time I tried to shift into that gear.  It took him about 15 minutes to fix.  Boom.

3. I want to write, but my computer is dying/dead.  Homie doesn’t like sharing a computer with me and I can’t blog from my work computer like I used to (different job – extensive monitoring).  Homie wants me just to buy a computer, but that doesn’t feel like the sort of thing you just go out and buy to me.  I feel like I need to ponder and wait and save for a few months before I can just buy one.

4. I have continued to make baby step progress on my goals for this year.  I’m biking to work today, I went to an amazing concert on Friday, and I have used my Too Faced mascara regularly and it is freaking amazing.  It makes my eyes look awesome.  And I haven’t even worried about the cost per wear or anything like that.

Happy Birthday TJ


The Lawn

You may not know, but today is the great President Thomas Jefferson’s birthday!

8 years ago today I fell back in love with his institution of higher learning.

When I was four my dad took a class in Charlottesville and packed us all up to go along. Apparently while we were there I told my parents that I would be attending UVA.  They didn’t argue with me because you don’t argue when your four-year old tells you where she is going to college.

I didn’t even know that happened until 14 years later when I visited UVA for Days On the Lawn and it just happened to fall on April 13th.

At lunch that day I told Homie I didn’t care where he went to school, my mind was made up.  I went home and told my parents I was for sure going to UVA.

Since April 13th is both Jefferson’s birthday and the day that Homie first visited the school and loved it, we celebrated on that date.  Each year we got up early, went to Starbucks and got coffee to sip at the Rotunda before class.  One year I was awesome and made us a picnic breakfast, the other years we just sipped coffee in the morning stillness marveling at the beauty and history surrounding us.

Happy Birthday Mr. Jefferson!

Photo Credit: http://www.virginia.edu/academicalvillage/



Writer’s Block

So I suck.  See the thing is, I love blogging. I’ve blogged for so long (in other places) that it feels like a part of me.

But I’m kind of a privacy junkie at the same time. Those two things don’t go hand in hand.

I had to give my blog address to a potential future employer as part of a background investigation a year ago. I ended up turning the job down and unless something goes terribly wrong I have no plans to ever apply there again or pursue that particular path.

But the thought of someone who has extensive (the biggest understatement ever) personal information about me also having this blog address gives me the heebie jeebies.

I sit down to pour my heart out, and then I picture my investigator perusing these pages and I freeze up. Writing that out actually makes me feel a little better. Because in reality there is no possible way that anyone at that employer would actually care or could be bothered to look this up a year after the fact. But that thought still lingers, and then I freeze up, and can’t bring myself to write.


Back Again

Well… I’m back.  I’ve been itching to write for months now, but for some reason I couldn’t quite bring myself to take the leap and log back in.

I’m pretty sure though that my sisters are tired of me sending them book length texts on topics that I would normally blog.

Since I left… I’m not entirely sure. We had a fantastic Thanksgiving, the best Christmas ever which involved no gifts & no hoopla just time spent together having fun. The time since then has absolutely flown by. Things have been going smoothly and I find myself nervous that maybe things have been too smooth. There have also been some struggles and some self loathing, but I’m working on that.  So hang tight while I try to wrangle my thoughts into words and line them up into something resembling a post.