Monday Mantra


Blue Skies Above Storm Clouds

Today’s Monday Mantra:

Focus On the Good

There is a lot going on right now.  One of the things up in the air is whether or not something I have wanted since I was about 10 years old will happen or not.

There have been enormous boulders to climb over on this path several times in the past few years.  I wish I could say I handled those times well, but I haven’t always.  The last major derailment in 2013 was almost more than I could handle.

This week isn’t my final chance, but truly is my second to last chance.  I will get an answer this week and if it’s no, then I will have one opportunity, one set of steps to appeal that decision and then the answer will be final.

I know I won’t receive an answer before the end of the day Tuesday, and maybe not until later in the week and I’m having a hard time not worrying or letting it consume my thoughts.

I want to be able to say that whatever the outcome I am content.  I really do.  I’m just having a hard time because as badly as I want to be able to say that, I’m not there.

For today, I just have to focus on the good.



Wedding Week

It is now officially wedding week!

Yesterday on my #coffeeneuring trip (more on that later) I rode by the ceremony site and it looked beautiful!

I successfully obtained the marriage license on Friday and got post-cards which they are using in place of a guest book.  I checked the White House Gift Shop for postcards because I thought they might have some really cool ones.

They did not.  Especially not for $1 or $2 apiece.  I continued down 15th Street and perused the gift shop truck vendors until I found one that had a good variety and then bought the postcards I needed for 25 cents apiece.

The only crisis still currently waiting to be solved is to get Mergsie’s pants (that will make sense later, promise) fixed.  Hopefully that will be accomplished by my tailor first thing on Friday morning.

It’s possible and probably likely that some other crisis will arise this week, but I think we have enough of the prep done that we can handle it.

I’m getting excited!

I’m Losing My Mind

Monday evening we had two medium to mild wedding crises.  Both can be resolved, but when biggies come up within two weeks of the wedding involving the bride’s clothes for the wedding and the marriage license it’s a bit stressful to say the least.

All day yesterday I was pumped because I came up with the best wedding present idea and it was supposed to be delivered.  On my lunch break I followed up on the two crises and was pretty confident that everything that could be done now was done.  I felt like things were being checked off the to-do list left and right, and I was pumped to get home and maybe even wrap Mergsie’s wedding present!

I got home to find a small item that I had ordered, but no wedding present.  I rushed inside and checked the email confirmation I received yesterday morning and sure enough it definitely said 10/27.  A couple of months ago I ordered a backpack for biking from REI and it never arrived.  The tracking information said it was delivered at the door about 30 minutes before Homie got back from work, but it wasn’t here.

I searched for the backpack around our neighborhood in case it was delivered to the wrong place, checked with UPS, and at the post office because apparently the delivery method is a new one where UPS hands the item off to USPS for the final delivery.  Fortunately, REI was fantastic about the whole thing, took my word for it that the bag was not actually delivered, and issued a full refund.

The tracking information for the wedding present listed delivery as the same UPS to USPS delivery as what my backpack had.  I freaked out.  Because the package obviously was not at the door, but the delivery confirmation listed the delivery as “at the front door.”  And I doubted it was stolen because who steals one package but leaves a second behind?  Plus there’s the whole we live on the top floor and the building is small and not exactly optimal for getting in and out unnoticed.

Homie had arrived at the same time I did and he offered to help me look for the package.  I figured it could have been delivered to another building and I wanted to eliminate that possibility before I called UPS.  We grabbed keys and ran out the door, I went left and he went right.  I ran up to the third floor (which depending on the elevation of the building is either three or four flights of stairs) in every single building hoping that at one of the doors I would find my package.

I found a number of other packages that had been delivered.  Twenty minutes later we had searched every building and I ran at least three flights of stairs 13 times in my dress clothes, but still no wedding present.

I was so disappointed.  I thought this was the perfect wedding present and I was ecstatic to find it.  It is a vintage item and I have found others for sale but the price has been about 4 times as much and the condition of the item hasn’t always been as good.  I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to find another one that would arrive before the wedding.

We came back in and I decided to call UPS first.  Clearly there is some kind of problem with the delivery system, driver, or our address in the system if my package got lost a second time.  I picked up my phone, pulled up the tracking information, and sat down to wait for a real live human.  While I waited I picked up the package that was delivered.  I was reading the label trying to see if I could figure out why one UPS package arrived and the other didn’t.

As I studied the label and compared it to the tracking information I noticed the last four digits of the tracking number in the email and on the package were the same.  My first thought was that maybe those four digits represent our specific apartment.  But then as I looked I realized more of the numbers were the same.  I looked at the beginning of the number, the middle, back at the end.

It couldn’t be…

But yes. Yes it could.  I checked and wouldn’t you know the wedding present is being shipped FedEx and checked in today somewhere in West Virginia.  The package that UPS delivered today that I frantically searched every building on the closest three streets for, and then called customer service to find was there the whole time.

Fortunately, Homie wasn’t upset that he ran around the neighborhood in a suit looking like a creeper.  He was just glad the package wasn’t lost.  But I think I may be losing my mind. I ran around looking for something that was literally

Clearly I need a glass of wine.

Sisters Weekend – A Success

Sisters Weekend was a rousing success.

Unfortunately, it completely kicked my butt and I was in bed by 9 every night this week.

We started the weekend off with brunch with a detour that routed a major road through the airport which resulted in the 9 minute drive home from the airport taking 40 minutes with 31 minutes of that being a crawl just to exit the airport, and a police officer dressed in gray and black with no car, no reflectors, no cones, nothing yelling at me when an SUV cut me off.  I crawled to the turn lane, when I finally reached it I signaled and then passed the 3-4 cars ahead of me.  The SUV up ahead at the point where the two lanes broke apart abruptly pulled in front of me and cut me off.  I blew my horn (it’s a reflex).  A police officer standing in the straight lane on the passenger side of that SUV yelled at me “that’s what you get for not waiting.”

Umm… What?  What the freak man?  For waiting until I reached the turn lane (as opposed to driving up the left shoulder which admittedly I considered), signaling, and knowing where I want to go (which is not the same way as this bumper to bumper crawl) I “get” cut off and almost hit???  Seriously?  I don’t mean to be disrespectful (okay fine. I kind of do.) but who the heck stands on the passenger side of the road in black and gray with no vehicle with flashing lights, no reflectors, no cones, no flares, nothing except a flashlight in her hand?  That’s the dumbest move I ever saw.  I wanted to call and complain but it was so dark I have no idea which agency she is even employed by.

The Bride

But… once we finally got back we crashed and then officially started the weekend off with a delicious brunch!  It felt wonderful to all be gathered together in the kitchen chatting around the island.

We had an awesome day hanging out, we ate tons of delicious food, and watched the Mets win.  There is something infinitely better about watching a game in a house with a group of people who are screaming and cheering just as loudly as I am compared to watching it by myself in my apartment and mentally apologizing to my neighbors.

The next day we got a couple of wedding to-dos crossed off the list, had lunch with my parents, and watched Furious 7 while munching on cheesecake and chocolate chip pie.

Mergsie and I got up at 4 though for her to catch her flight home and I headed straight in to the office.

I spent the rest of this week exhausted by 8 pm but it was worth it!

Coffeeneuring Trip 1 – Weekend Two

We did our first Coffeeneuring 2015 trip.  Homie and I both needed library books and I wanted to take my new bike out for a test ride so we made a quick trip to the library then rode our books home, dropped them off and headed to Old Town for a coffeeneuring date.

Our theme for Coffeeneuring 2015 is “local places”.  There are so many local shops and businesses that I have never ventured into around here.  I decided this is the perfect excuse to explore a number of these places.

This is actually the first time I have ever biked down to Old Town.  I don’t know why.  I think in my head I thought it would be too crowded.  Sometimes I find the bike ride to Gravelly Point to be slightly less than enjoyable because I spend the ride focusing on the logistics of navigating people and passing rather than the scenery.  I assumed it would be even worse down by Old Town.  Not at all.  There were so many beautiful spots where I could have pulled over and had the view completely to myself.  I encountered fewer than five pedestrians and only a handful of other bikers.

We made a stop at Wheel Nuts bike shop on our way into Old Town.  They quickly adjusted my brake pads and trued the rear wheel on my new bike.

The Details


  1. Lavender Moon Cupcakery 116 S Royal St. Alexandria, VA
  2. Starbucks, Alexandria, VA
  3. Alexandria City Hall & Market Square 301 King St. Alexandria VA 


Just plain coffee to go with our cupcakes.


As a whole yes, although there aren’t really places to lock up your bike and the sidewalks in many places are too narrow to lock them to a street sign.  There was room in front of Lavender Moon Cupcakery to lean them up against the front of the building while we went in, but at Starbucks we had to lock them together in an alley.  


Our total mileage including our trip to the library on our way to coffee and cupcakes was about 13 miles.

After Wheel Nuts we headed to Lavender Moon Cupcakery.

IMG_4260 IMG_4264

IMG_4267Is this not the cutest place?  I want to spend the afternoon here munching cupcakes with a book.


Beautiful Cupcakes!


Center – Peanut Butter Cupcakes!


Right Half – Hummingbird Cupcakes

I got the peanut butter cupcake (middle picture) and Homie got the hummingbird (bottom picture on the right with the walnut).


It was actually kind of chilly in the shade so we picked a sunny spot to enjoy our coffee and cupcakes.


Unfortunately, I put the cupcake box into Homie’s panniers and somehow managed to tip the cupcakes over so they weren’t nearly as beautiful as they were when we got them.


I totally jacked the cupcakes carrying them in the panniers.


Overall it was a successful trip.  It was an awesome date on a beautiful day!