True Confessions

I’m not riding my bike today.

I want to want to.  I really do.  But it is 13 degrees with a wind chill of -1.

I want to enjoy riding in the cold.  I want to embrace biking in all seasons.

I thought that having the appropriate gear for winter would make biking just as awesome as the rest of the year.  But to be honest… I don’t enjoy it.  I don’t mind into the mid to low 30s.

It’s not necessarily fun, but I don’t really mind it and most days I feel like I warm up after awhile.

But when it’s below 32 it’s just not fun.  I can’t breathe and my chest hurts and I then I get a cramp in my side because I can’t get a deep breath and my nose runs like a faucet and my glasses fog up and I alternate which fingers I can’t feel even inside my gloves and when I get into the garage at my building and hop off my bike I feel like I’m walking on bricks because I can’t feel my feet.

Even despite all of that I was planning to bike today because I need it mentally.  I figured having to go in for a meeting to discuss funeral plans would put biking in the cold in perspective.  But then Homie told me that it’s too cold for him to ride.  He rode last week when his sweat froze to his collar and thought it was awesome, so if he says it’s too cold to bike it’s too cold.

However, I am insanely pumped for snow this week!!!   I don’t think I will take my bike out because my bike is a city bike.  It’s more of an asphalt in the tropics type ride, but I’ve got snow boots and pants ready to go for a walk.  And possibly I could be convinced to take my bike out maybe.


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