I’m Losing My Mind

Monday evening we had two medium to mild wedding crises.  Both can be resolved, but when biggies come up within two weeks of the wedding involving the bride’s clothes for the wedding and the marriage license it’s a bit stressful to say the least.

All day yesterday I was pumped because I came up with the best wedding present idea and it was supposed to be delivered.  On my lunch break I followed up on the two crises and was pretty confident that everything that could be done now was done.  I felt like things were being checked off the to-do list left and right, and I was pumped to get home and maybe even wrap Mergsie’s wedding present!

I got home to find a small item that I had ordered, but no wedding present.  I rushed inside and checked the email confirmation I received yesterday morning and sure enough it definitely said 10/27.  A couple of months ago I ordered a backpack for biking from REI and it never arrived.  The tracking information said it was delivered at the door about 30 minutes before Homie got back from work, but it wasn’t here.

I searched for the backpack around our neighborhood in case it was delivered to the wrong place, checked with UPS, and at the post office because apparently the delivery method is a new one where UPS hands the item off to USPS for the final delivery.  Fortunately, REI was fantastic about the whole thing, took my word for it that the bag was not actually delivered, and issued a full refund.

The tracking information for the wedding present listed delivery as the same UPS to USPS delivery as what my backpack had.  I freaked out.  Because the package obviously was not at the door, but the delivery confirmation listed the delivery as “at the front door.”  And I doubted it was stolen because who steals one package but leaves a second behind?  Plus there’s the whole we live on the top floor and the building is small and not exactly optimal for getting in and out unnoticed.

Homie had arrived at the same time I did and he offered to help me look for the package.  I figured it could have been delivered to another building and I wanted to eliminate that possibility before I called UPS.  We grabbed keys and ran out the door, I went left and he went right.  I ran up to the third floor (which depending on the elevation of the building is either three or four flights of stairs) in every single building hoping that at one of the doors I would find my package.

I found a number of other packages that had been delivered.  Twenty minutes later we had searched every building and I ran at least three flights of stairs 13 times in my dress clothes, but still no wedding present.

I was so disappointed.  I thought this was the perfect wedding present and I was ecstatic to find it.  It is a vintage item and I have found others for sale but the price has been about 4 times as much and the condition of the item hasn’t always been as good.  I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to find another one that would arrive before the wedding.

We came back in and I decided to call UPS first.  Clearly there is some kind of problem with the delivery system, driver, or our address in the system if my package got lost a second time.  I picked up my phone, pulled up the tracking information, and sat down to wait for a real live human.  While I waited I picked up the package that was delivered.  I was reading the label trying to see if I could figure out why one UPS package arrived and the other didn’t.

As I studied the label and compared it to the tracking information I noticed the last four digits of the tracking number in the email and on the package were the same.  My first thought was that maybe those four digits represent our specific apartment.  But then as I looked I realized more of the numbers were the same.  I looked at the beginning of the number, the middle, back at the end.

It couldn’t be…

But yes. Yes it could.  I checked and wouldn’t you know the wedding present is being shipped FedEx and checked in today somewhere in West Virginia.  The package that UPS delivered today that I frantically searched every building on the closest three streets for, and then called customer service to find was there the whole time.

Fortunately, Homie wasn’t upset that he ran around the neighborhood in a suit looking like a creeper.  He was just glad the package wasn’t lost.  But I think I may be losing my mind. I ran around looking for something that was literally in.my.hand.

Clearly I need a glass of wine.


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