Over Thinking Everything

I’m officially freaking out about how to ride my bike in this weather.   Admittedly, by “this weather” I mean cool crisp mornings in the 40s.  I know.  I’m a wimp.  I won’t even make excuses.

I didn’t ride my bike at all last week.  That was actually because I only went in to the office 3 days, two of them I had my laptop, and one I had to drive because I dropped my sister off at the airport.  But I felt a tiny smidge of relief that I had reasons not to bike because I hate to be cold.

My new bike isn’t ready for commuting yet and my old one doesn’t have a rack so I have been riding all summer with a backpack that has one torn shoulder strap.

Between my pondering about lifestyle choices and a horrible commute thanks to Metro I found myself determined to take the steps I need to keep commuting by bike.

I decided at a minimum I need to buy a jacket, gloves, and panniers.  I don’t have to figure out snow or ice just yet.  I just need to have the proper clothing to be comfortable in 40 degrees and move on from there.  I told myself by Sunday evening I needed to have purchased those three items, no excuses.

But here’s the thing… I have no idea what I’m doing.  I do, but I’m torn between wanting to get exactly what I really want and picking out the perfect thing and not wanting to spend a ton of money on any one item.  Because it’s too warm for heavy winter gear, but if I actually am awesome and keep riding then I’ll also need some true winter gear as well.  I don’t want to blow our budget now on fall/spring gear.

I decided just to get basic all-purpose panniers for my bike.  But I couldn’t pull the trigger because they are not exactly what I want.  I decided to move on to buying a jacket.  Then I realized I have no clue, absolutely no clue what to buy.  I knew that I needed something that would be appropriate for around 30-50 degrees and that allowed movement.

I did a little research and thought I had found a few possible options.  But then I came across something about hard-shell versus soft-shell and I realized I don’t even know what that means!!!

I’m sure I’m completely over-thinking this, but I feel dumb for spending money on something when I’m clearly way out of my element here.  And I feel dumb for being so out of my element buying clothing appropriate for an activity that I used to spend hours doing.

I would be more comfortable going out and haggling to purchase a car right now than buying clothes for biking.  I know enough about cars, I know enough to know what I don’t know, and I know where to go for answers for the things I don’t know.  That would be less stressful than trying to set myself up for continuing to bike through this winter.

I feel like an idiot.  I didn’t even begin to look at gloves.  I’m positive I’m over thinking all of this, but I’m also worried about the things I don’t know that I don’t know.


3 thoughts on “Over Thinking Everything

  1. This was me last year! I feel your pain and fear and confusion 😦
    Last year I ended up buying a rain coat and rain pants (made out of breathable material). I think the coat was $40 and the pants were around $30. I wore layers of clothing underneath as needed, just clothes I already had around the house-it kept me warm even in -18 degree rides. This year I am going to buy a pair of skiing pants though…pulling on three pairs of pants when it is super cold out may be the cheapest option but it does get old after a while!
    You will get it all figured out!

    • This made me feel a lot better! And it definitely helped me gain some perspective. I’m pretty sure I was on track to be dressed to bike in the Arctic circle. Lol I don’t think it even got down to -18 here last year, so I think a waterproof outer layer is all I really need. Thanks!!!

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