Sisters Weekend – A Success

Sisters Weekend was a rousing success.

Unfortunately, it completely kicked my butt and I was in bed by 9 every night this week.

We started the weekend off with brunch with a detour that routed a major road through the airport which resulted in the 9 minute drive home from the airport taking 40 minutes with 31 minutes of that being a crawl just to exit the airport, and a police officer dressed in gray and black with no car, no reflectors, no cones, nothing yelling at me when an SUV cut me off.  I crawled to the turn lane, when I finally reached it I signaled and then passed the 3-4 cars ahead of me.  The SUV up ahead at the point where the two lanes broke apart abruptly pulled in front of me and cut me off.  I blew my horn (it’s a reflex).  A police officer standing in the straight lane on the passenger side of that SUV yelled at me “that’s what you get for not waiting.”

Umm… What?  What the freak man?  For waiting until I reached the turn lane (as opposed to driving up the left shoulder which admittedly I considered), signaling, and knowing where I want to go (which is not the same way as this bumper to bumper crawl) I “get” cut off and almost hit???  Seriously?  I don’t mean to be disrespectful (okay fine. I kind of do.) but who the heck stands on the passenger side of the road in black and gray with no vehicle with flashing lights, no reflectors, no cones, no flares, nothing except a flashlight in her hand?  That’s the dumbest move I ever saw.  I wanted to call and complain but it was so dark I have no idea which agency she is even employed by.

The Bride

But… once we finally got back we crashed and then officially started the weekend off with a delicious brunch!  It felt wonderful to all be gathered together in the kitchen chatting around the island.

We had an awesome day hanging out, we ate tons of delicious food, and watched the Mets win.  There is something infinitely better about watching a game in a house with a group of people who are screaming and cheering just as loudly as I am compared to watching it by myself in my apartment and mentally apologizing to my neighbors.

The next day we got a couple of wedding to-dos crossed off the list, had lunch with my parents, and watched Furious 7 while munching on cheesecake and chocolate chip pie.

Mergsie and I got up at 4 though for her to catch her flight home and I headed straight in to the office.

I spent the rest of this week exhausted by 8 pm but it was worth it!


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