Sisters Weekend

This weekend is “Sisters Weekend”!!!  I’ve been looking forward to it since about July when we planned it.

I think in the last two years all my sisters and I have only been together three weekends.  Since July 2011 at least one sister has been living out of the country until July of this year.  And not the same sister, but 3/5.  They have inadvertently taken turns living overseas which has meant that every holiday has had a sister missing.

July 2014 we were all together for a long weekend.  Everyone is currently back in the States and one sister is getting married; the one I affectionately refer to as Dr. Mergalicious.


It’s super weird that she is getting married.  It’s even weirder that she is marrying someone who is approximately the opposite of every single other guy she has dated.  But he’s also the first guy she has dated who I have liked.  And he’s just right for her.

She has this weekend off and our sister who is in college has fall break so we decided to make this weekend Mergsie’s “bachelorette party” ish.   Ish because our youngest two sisters (the babies) are 12 and 14 so there won’t be any clubs or plastic penis decorations.    Which is better anyways.

After we planned for this to be “Sisters Weekend” we realized that our parents will be out-of-town for the weekend at a conference.  So it truly will be just the sisters.

I’m so pumped!!!  I’m waiting to head to the airport and then tomorrow morning it officially starts with brunch including waffles and mimosas (not for the babies).  That will be followed by an all day movie marathon of the Fast & Furious movies with snacks of course.  Then we have shrimp or beef tacos for dinner with avocado lime sauce and honey jalapeno margaritas (Cokes for the babies) and cheesecake and chocolate chip pie for dessert!

Sunday we have to find Mergsie shoes for the wedding and make the place cards for the reception.  It should be pretty awesome.


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