Monday Mantra & Some Random Thoughts

No cool graphic this week.  We’re keeping things basic. 

Monday Mantra:

Stay the course. 

That is all.  That’s the important thing to focus on right now. 

Now for some other thoughts:

– I have a love-hate relationship with owning a car.  I have at various times tried to convince Homie to sell our car.  Recently I’ve  been off that kick and on an appreciation kick.  I have a nice car.  I have a comfortable car.  I have a safe car.  There is something phenomenally luxurious about sitting on your butt in the car letting it do all the work after biking.  But I found out on Saturday that it has some significant rust and technically needs a $900 repair. Ugh. Eff cars. Eff snow and rust and GMs crappy inability to make cars for the Northeast. 

– My peace lily from my cousin’s funeral has bloomed like crazy the past two weeks. That makes me happy. 

– My cousin just got out of the hospital.  He’s been there since July.  I face timed with him a few weeks ago and he looked about like I expected.  A few days after we talked he had a feeding tube put in.  I saw a picture of him yesterday and he looks horrible.  He’s even thinner than a few weeks ago and my uncle shaved his head because he had lost so much of his hair from chemo.   His mom is parading him around like a trophy.  It makes me sick to my stomach to see.  It’s awful.  Seeing him like that yesterday made me doubt my  “I’m not going to borrow trouble, technically his chances of survival are about 50/50 right now. Maybe 60/40 but those are still good odds” mentality.

– My other cousin was telling me about a conversation with her boss.  She let her boss know about our cousin J in case she needs to take time off.  She told her boss that she’ll be fine, she just needs to go home to be there for the rest of the family and her brother.  She said “I’ll probably cry for a day and then I’ll be fine and then I’ll take a week or two to make sure everyone else is okay.”  And I wasn’t upset with her for thinking that but I realized how little she is prepared for this.  I think it will be much worse for her than just a day of crying.  But she’s never lost anyone close to her before.  

– I’ve had trouble sleeping through the night for the last 5-6 years at least with other periods for as long as I can remember.  It’s annoying. It has gotten really bad recently.  Last week I tried a couple of things and had 3 or 4 nights where I slept through the night.  It was amazing!  This morning I woke up at 4 and never fully fell back to sleep.  Lame. 

– I’m glad I have a husband who is totally accepting of the fact that my schedule for the entire week revolves around the fact that Georgia has a big game on Saturday and I wil do nothing except watch the pre-game, game, and post-game coverage all day. 

– I’ve been on a purging kick in our apartment.  I suck at managing stuff and I don’t enjoy it.  So I’m just getting rid of it.  Homie has been inspired and after a week of sorting we donated 3 bags of clothes, 3 bags of household items, and over 200 books.  


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