True Love

I encountered this man and his dog while I was working out the other day.

It took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on. Mostly because I’m not used to seeing dogs in strollers… As I watched the dog I realized he was even more unsteady on his feet than the man and each step was slow and shaky.

The man shuffled along and using a gait belt just like nurses use for their unsteady human patients, he helped the dog out of the stroller, to his feet, and let the dog sniff around before selecting a spot.  When the dog had his spot picked out the man took the belt off and helped the dog lay down.  Then the man went back to the stroller and pulled out treats, a water bowl, and a bottle of water.  He gave the dog a few treats, poured a big bowl of water, and only once the dog was done did he sit down on the bench.  As long as I could see them the dog and the man sat watching the river pass.  What a precious sight to see this man who looked like he could have used a hand of his own going to such lengths to bring his companion outside to enjoy the cool morning.


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