The Monday Mantra for this week had I been on top of things would have simply been “Relax”.

I’m not good at resting.  I really struggle to feel like I’m allowed to rest if every single thing I’ve ever written on a to-do list isn’t checked off. 

I planned to take today and tomorrow off back in January.  As this week approached I found myself regretting the decision to take time off and feeling like I really couldn’t leave work. 

Which, it’s true that after spending the past two weeks with nothing to do the ball finally started rolling yesterday and I had more work to do than could get done in one day.  But it’s not my fault that people twiddled their thumbs until the day before I have vacation scheduled. 

Homie and I decided that since he is able to take time off this week and I already was off Tues, Wed, and Friday that I would just take Thursday off and we would go to the beach. 

After we booked it I only made it about 12 hours before fuh-reaking out that we should cancel, I can’t possibly take time off now, I have stuff to do this week at work and I have a million things to do in my personal life and I need to find a dress for my sister’s wedding ASAP, etc. 

But all of those reasons probably make it even more important that I stop and rest for a few days. 

So I am forcing myself to put all of the things on my to-do list out of my mind. I’m on the train to Philly for a little girls get away with my two youngest sisters. 

I get back to DC tomorrow afternoon and Homie is picking me up and we’re driving to the beach!  My bag for the beach is already packed and waiting by the door at home. 

And I’m just going to enjoy.  I’m going to bask in the luxury of having the resources to take time off of work and travel.  


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