I’m kind of sad today.  One of the people I work with is leaving and today is her last day.  Lots of people have left in the past year, lots.  Out of the 25 something people in the office less than 10 were here when I started last year ( and that includes our cleaning staff).

But this person is special.  She stays above the drama, she works hard, she is excellent at her job, and she went above and beyond to make sure that I had a smooth transition.

When I first started she made a point of coming to me and asking if I had any questions, showing me how to do things and offering to let me sit in and learn.  She is fantastic at her job and she gets along with everyone.

On top of all of that, she’s a total beast person.  She has three daughters who she is raising as a single mom and she works her ass off every single day to provide for them and be there.

She’s taking a job that gives her a promotion, a raise, more responsibility and the opportunity for performance pay, more time with her kids, and eliminates her terrible commute.

I’m so happy for her.  But selfishly, I’m really really going to miss her.  She’s one of two people in the office who I want to emulate.  She is professional, smart, and not afraid to speak her mind.  So while I’m happy that she is able to make such a fantastic change personally, I’m sad that I’m going to miss her.


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