June & July Numbers

For most of the Spring I had trouble with migraines.  It’s not the first time I’ve had spells where I’ve had frequent migraines, but it was coupled with some other kind of weird symptoms and I was anxious to get to the bottom of it.

The gist of my various doctor’s appointments was that maybe drinking more water would help, but maybe it wouldn’t, I should drink Gatorade if I couldn’t hydrate with water, and if things got worse to come back.  I wasn’t really satisfied with that answer, and to be honest I’m still not completely.  But I decided the only way to really figure it out was to keep careful track.

I started keeping a calendar the beginning of June with how much water I drank, how many miles I walked or biked, and my headache descriptions.  I just finished July and it was pretty cool to see how much better I did in July than in June.

In June I had a headache 10 different days, I drank a total of 23.34 gallons of water, and I walked or biked 35.57 miles.

In July I only had a headache two separate days, I drank a total of 34.64 gallons of water, and I walked or biked 161.59 miles!!!

In June I noticed that every headache I had came two days after I drank 100 oz or less of water.  I increased my water intake goal from 100 oz a day to 128 oz a day.

In July, the two days I had headaches were days when I biked and got very hot.  No matter how many cool compresses I put on my neck, cold showers I took, and bottles of Gatorade I drank I just couldn’t seem to cool off, rehydrate, or recover.

One of the bike rides was a 23 mile ride and it was perfect while I was riding, but after my ride as the day went on I felt worse and worse.  It took me three days to recover from that ride and it was on a fairly cool day (high of 70).  I’m not sure why I couldn’t seem to recover.  I even drank some extra water the two days before my ride in anticipation.

The other day I got a headache was when I biked home from work mid-afternoon and it was about 90 degrees.  The sun was blazing and even though it’s a relatively short ride by the time I got home I had a headache that I couldn’t shake the rest of the night.

I don’t really think I should be getting that hot or that dehydrated on a regular basis, and I’m honestly not a fan of having to drink Gatorade on a daily basis but I am really excited that increasing my water intake has stopped my headaches for the most part.

And I am so incredibly happy that I biked 161.59 miles!!!


3 thoughts on “June & July Numbers

  1. Being out in the sun usually gives me headaches too! I am glad to hear that your headaches are decreasing…headaches make me grumpy.
    Awesome job on all the biking miles last month 🙂

      • It took me a loooong time to get to this point, when I was a teen I hated biking! I don’t think I hate it anymore 😀 It doesn’t matter how many or few miles we get as long as we have fun and enjoy the exercise.

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