2015 in 2015

IMG_3140My sister found this thing called 2015 in 2015 where you commit to running 2,015 miles in 2015.  She was super gung-ho to join, but decided she didn’t want to pay to participate.  For the official 2015 in 2015 you could form teams of 3, so she asked if my dad and I would do it with her unofficially.

I said yes on the condition that I be able to count miles biked, they agreed and I made it my goal to run/walk/crawl/bike 672 miles in 2015.

My dad is good to go because he is training for a marathon.  Right after we agreed to this, my sister had to see a doctor because of issues with her IT band after her last marathon.  A few days after she roped us into this challenge she was told by her doctor that she needed to rest for at least 4 weeks and then she could ease back in to walking then running in 1 mile increments.  Her recovery has been much slower than she hoped and she hasn’t been able to run very much this year.

Ideally I would be just over 336 miles right now, and I’m not.  But overall, I’m still happy with how I’m doing.

I’m at 240 miles right now and the class I was taking has finished.  That gives me 12 extra hours every week, plus it allows me to bike to and from work so I think I can definitely still hit my goal.

Even if I don’t hit 672, I’m proud of myself for having logged 240 miles so far this year.  And I’m proud of myself for sticking with it.


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