Odd Man Out

I couldn’t join the water club at work.

I’m the only person in our office who doesn’t participate.

A couple of times people have offered to fill my water bottle for me from the dispenser and I’ve had to awkwardly decline.  At first I just said no thank you, but I think they thought I just felt bad that they were getting up for me.  And then when they insisted I had to explain that I’m not in the water club.

I sound so lame.  I’m not in the water club.  Maybe if they called it something else it wouldn’t make me feel like I’m back in 6th grade saying it.

I didn’t join partly because the reason for the club is purely cosmetic.  Our water line has some air in it so sometimes the water is cloudy.  It has been tested too many times to count and is perfectly clean.  It’s the same water I drink at home with no filter so I’m not worried.  Plus everyone is still filling ice trays from the tap and putting those ice cubes in their special water club water.

In economic terms, I also have a perfectly good Brita pitcher in the refrigerator and two more filters for it already purchased so it seems silly to pay for another method of filtered water.

And I’ll admit, I see consuming water that has been bottled and trucked here as a bit of an ethical issue.  This water isn’t any cleaner than our tap water, but we have paid for it to be put in giant plastic bottles (which I avoid with the exception of my Brita pitcher) and then loaded onto trucks (consuming fossil fuel) to be driven to a location where it is unloaded and stored and then put on another truck and driven by another large truck consuming fossil fuel and polluting the air to our office where we will plug the base for the bottle in to consume electricity so that we can have clean cold water, which we already pay for straight from the tap.  I can’t do that.

But the clincher for me, the real reason I have to be the odd man out is because I drink too much water.  They purchased 45 gallons of water for each month. 45 gallons of water for 22 people.  I drink at least a gallon of water a day by myself.

People were shocked that on the first day they consumed 4/5 gallons in the first jug.  4 gallons of water for 22 people is not a lot.  They couldn’t believe they went through that much though.

I actually hadn’t completely ruled out joining the water club, just because I felt weird being the only one to not participate.  But after that day I realized I definitely can’t join.  I would be “that girl” who no one likes if I joined the water club and drank 2/3 of the water myself.


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