Just One of Those Days

I’m mad at the world today.  Ish.  I’m kind of mad at someone for making me feel mad at the world.
I just want a dog dammit.  It would make me happy every day to have a dog.
I’m mad that the person who should know me best applies a double standard to me sometimes.  For better or for worse I am consistent in how I interact with people.  I’m cautious, and nothing you say can make me not be.  The more you push me the more cautious I am.
It’s not okay that in one situation it’s not okay for me to be myself.  That makes me less interested in opening up to someone who I already don’t trust.
I thought I couldn’t ride my bike cause of rain.  My 10 minute bus ride took 30 minutes and it didn’t even rain.
That’s stupid.  I want to be chill, and I’m mad at myself for not being chill about everything.
I don’t know how I feel about the fact that my go to song to get me through today is the same one I used in 9th grade.  But no one describes days like today quite like Fred Durst.

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