2015 Goals

2015 Goals

2015 Goals

This is the list of goals I came up with, some of them probably need further explanation to truly make sense but I’ll explain later.  For now here they are:

1. Carry less stuff – I hate feeling tied down by stuff.

2. Get rid of stuff in our apartment – less to manage.

3. Bike to work.

4. Make friends.

5. Put makeup on before work (instead of sitting at my desk).

6. Learn how to cook regularly.

7. Schedule “me time” and protect it.

8. Eat at “good” restaurants. “Good” being defined primarily by Tom Sietsema & friends.

9. Spend an entire day in the museum of American History.

10. Go kayaking.

11. Go cross-country skiing.

12. Be strong.

13. Not be afraid of passing a PT test for a job.

14. Return library books as I finish them.

15. Switch to locally raised meat.

16. Make my purple chairs awesome.

17. Go to events to learn new things.

18. Not be afraid.

19. Do something with friends once a month.

20. Blog.

21. Write letters & call family regularly.

22. Grow more plants.

23. Print & frame recent pictures.

24. Put up quotes that I love.

25. Learn to fix my hair.

26. Not punish myself all the time.

27. Get a stable job.

28. Make myself indispensable at work.

29. Do kind things for people.

30. Write relationship goals w/ Homie.

31. Volunteer somewhere helping someone.

32. Go to Philly & explore.

33. Get my passport.

34. Get involved w/ foster care system.



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