Goal Setting

Not only have my career goals been an abysmal failure, but I have felt like I have no idea who I am without those goals.

It’s a crappy feeling to not only be failing miserably at finding a job, but to realize that without that job you have no idea who you are as a person.

I decided back in January to make goals for this year that were different from previous years.  Instead of the normal “work out X number of times this year” or “be able to run X number of miles in X minutes” I decided to approach it this way…

If I were to never get a job that I love that I am passionate about, what else would have to exist in my life for me to be happy?

What kind of person would I have to be outside of work for me to feel like I had purpose in my life and be satisfied?

When I meet people and wish I could be more like them, why?

What do I need to do to not feel like a failure?




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