Two Years

Two years ago today I defended my MA thesis.  In a lot of ways that was a hard ass day.  I still don’t really know what to make of all of that.

I passed my defense, but here I am now exactly two years out and I still haven’t gotten the job that I did my MA for.  I still don’t even have a permanent job.

My current position will hopefully be converted from a two-year term position to a permanent position at the end of June.  But it’s not the job I was working for.

I finished my defense and waited in the hallway for what seemed like forever.  My advisor finally came out to tell me I had passed and that we could debrief on it later, to go get a drink.

I took the bus to meet Homie. We went to Chipotle because I knew I could get a beer there.  I don’t even think I ate anything because I was so frazzled.

I got back to school and sat down in the office to work on some stuff before going to class.  Someone came in and asked me if I had seen a girl in our program, Rachel.  She didn’t show up to attend the class she assisted with.  That had never happened before and people were worried about her.

Within the hour someone came in and told us that she had been found unconscious in the parking garage across from campus.

The school is in a rough area and the block around that  parking garage is particularly notorious.

I think everyone assumed that it was at best a robbery gone wrong.

Earlier in the school year two blocks away and one block off campus at 2 p.m. on a Monday afternoon a girl noticed a man following her closely.  The bushes were overgrown so she stepped off the sidewalk into the street, he followed her.  She picked up the pace and walked into the middle of the road so that she was even more visible.  He tackled her and tried to rape her.  Stupid motherfucker couldn’t get his belt undone and she was able to scream and push him off of her.  A couple of students just a few hundred yards behind her came running and he took off.

So a girl unconscious in the parking garage didn’t bode well.  All we knew was that she was at the hospital down the street and her parents were with her.

We went to class and fortunately, the professor kept it pretty brief.  We got back to the office after class only to hear that there had been a bombing at the Boston Marathon.

We hung around watching coverage of what was happening in Boston and hoping for news about Rachel.

Finally about 6 p.m. we found out that another student had noticed her car door open.  He assumed that someone had broken into her car so he walked closer planning to call the police and report it.  Then he saw her laying on the ground next to the car.  He called 911 and waited until the paramedics arrived.  Based on the time he found her and when she had left for class she had only been there for 15 minutes or so which was a huge relief.

But what a start to the week, so crazy and draining and it’s hard to believe it has already been two years since all that happened.





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