Random Thoughts for Today

1. I have no idea what to wear today.  I have class (casual, but in a chilly room) then I’m biking to work (athletic wear would be most comfortable) then work (business casual) then I’m probably going to stop by the Jefferson memorial/Tidal Basin for a little cheer for my soul.  How does one dress appropriately for those events without packing multiple changes of clothing?

2. I’m biking today!!!  That’s a big thing on my goals list for this year!  I got my bike fixed yesterday.  Not to be insufferable, but I love when I’m right.  Last year I got some work done on my bike cause it’s old and I kept telling Homie from day 1 when I brought it home that something was off.  Every single time I have ridden it in the past year has been incredibly frustrating and upsetting because something was messed up with my chain when I shifted gears.  That wouldn’t be a cause for tears except that after 15 years of owning the bike it shouldn’t be messed up after I drop $300 bucks for a tune-up (really more than a tune-up, new everything).  Yesterday a friend looked at it and realized that the bike shop tightened a piece in such a way that it bumped the chain off every time I tried to shift into that gear.  It took him about 15 minutes to fix.  Boom.

3. I want to write, but my computer is dying/dead.  Homie doesn’t like sharing a computer with me and I can’t blog from my work computer like I used to (different job – extensive monitoring).  Homie wants me just to buy a computer, but that doesn’t feel like the sort of thing you just go out and buy to me.  I feel like I need to ponder and wait and save for a few months before I can just buy one.

4. I have continued to make baby step progress on my goals for this year.  I’m biking to work today, I went to an amazing concert on Friday, and I have used my Too Faced mascara regularly and it is freaking amazing.  It makes my eyes look awesome.  And I haven’t even worried about the cost per wear or anything like that.


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