Happy Birthday TJ

The Lawn

You may not know, but today is the great President Thomas Jefferson’s birthday!

8 years ago today I fell back in love with his institution of higher learning.

When I was four my dad took a class in Charlottesville and packed us all up to go along. Apparently while we were there I told my parents that I would be attending UVA.  They didn’t argue with me because you don’t argue when your four-year old tells you where she is going to college.

I didn’t even know that happened until 14 years later when I visited UVA for Days On the Lawn and it just happened to fall on April 13th.

At lunch that day I told Homie I didn’t care where he went to school, my mind was made up.  I went home and told my parents I was for sure going to UVA.

Since April 13th is both Jefferson’s birthday and the day that Homie first visited the school and loved it, we celebrated on that date.  Each year we got up early, went to Starbucks and got coffee to sip at the Rotunda before class.  One year I was awesome and made us a picnic breakfast, the other years we just sipped coffee in the morning stillness marveling at the beauty and history surrounding us.

Happy Birthday Mr. Jefferson!

Photo Credit: http://www.virginia.edu/academicalvillage/




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