Writer’s Block

So I suck.  See the thing is, I love blogging. I’ve blogged for so long (in other places) that it feels like a part of me.

But I’m kind of a privacy junkie at the same time. Those two things don’t go hand in hand.

I had to give my blog address to a potential future employer as part of a background investigation a year ago. I ended up turning the job down and unless something goes terribly wrong I have no plans to ever apply there again or pursue that particular path.

But the thought of someone who has extensive (the biggest understatement ever) personal information about me also having this blog address gives me the heebie jeebies.

I sit down to pour my heart out, and then I picture my investigator perusing these pages and I freeze up. Writing that out actually makes me feel a little better. Because in reality there is no possible way that anyone at that employer would actually care or could be bothered to look this up a year after the fact. But that thought still lingers, and then I freeze up, and can’t bring myself to write.



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