I used to passionately hate snow. That is an understatement.  But over the years I learned that when you don’t  have to drive in it and it means a day at home and everything is beautiful and you actually own a winter coat it can be grand.

I. Am. Pumped. Snow! Snow! Snow! I don’t care that the rest of the city hates it and is ready to pack up and move to Florida. We’re supposed to get snow this week and I can’t wait.

A few weeks ago I actually was seriously considering hopping on a plane to Boston or New York ahead of the next storm to get snowed in. I didn’t, but I wanted to.

I know it’s cold and wet and DDot is a disaster in normal weather and VDot doesn’t seem to understand that you are supposed to drive with the plow down when there’s snow…

But I just want one more day of everything being pristine and clean and silent and beautiful.

P.S. Saw today that National Park Service is predicting peak blooms April 11-14, at the end of the festival. I’ll take it!


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