I’ve been reading all kinds of awesome/disgusting books on food, and the food industry in the US, and production and how screwy the system is.

Everything I have read combined with some weird ish going on with my body has convinced me to give up chicken. Except not chicken wings. That stays. That’s the only way chicken tastes good to me so I’m keeping it. I’m not cutting out all meat, but most. Which really isn’t very much since I only eat meat about 2 times a week as it is.

Last night was kind of the first test though, we had Buffalo chicken tacos my fave. I normally substitute cauliflower for chicken on my Buffalo chicken pizza so that was easy peasy.

Homie cooked some chicken in a pan and I had my own little pan of cauliflower and it was freaking delicious.

I was so proud of myself for having the tenacity to follow through on this since it’s something I’ve wanted to do for about a year. I was thinking to myself this morning “cutting out meat is so easy I probably will end up cutting out more variations than I originally intended. I rock at this.”

And then I got to work and it is Administrative Professionals Day. Boom. Free lunch. Free subs! And after I ate three I realized they were chock full of deli meat. Oops. I went for a walk this morning though so that counts for something right?


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