No Longer Homeless

So… I am officially no longer legally homeless. That’s a good feeling. It brings with it some anxiety about actually paying my bills…but it’s nice after 5 years living on my own to be back out of my parent’s house.

We found an apt that is in our price range, with all of the utilities included, only about 1 mile outside of our desired area.

And it’s basically the apartment version of my dream house. Obviously I’d thrilled with an actual house, but to find an apartment that has almost everything I wanted is as good as life is going to get right now.

It was built in the 1940s, a fourth floor walkup with big windows, hardwood floors, built in bookcases, and black and white tile in the bathroom in great condition. It has a window in the bathroom and in the kitchen which is on my “wish list” for every place we live.

The kitchen is bigger than any kitchen we’ve had before, even if it has no dishwasher and a stove that is half to two-thirds the size of a full size stove/oven.

I introduced Homie to Smitten Kitchen’s blog, and I told him if she can cook those kinds of dishes (and write a cookbook) in a kitchen of that size we can totally make do.

The only true negative is that the floors are supposed to be covered 85% by rugs. Boo. I hate carpet. I love hard wood floors, that’s why I chose the apartment (that and the rent and utilities being included, etc. etc. but really it was the floors). It wasn’t until after we put down our deposit and got a copy of the lease that we found that piece out.

I may have mentioned that money is tight, as in no internet, every spending category cut to the bare bones and we’re still $32.85 (at a minimum) short every month. That doesn’t leave any money for purchasing area rugs.

I think I’m going to do a super cheap fix and cut some canvas drop cloths. Hopefully I can paint and seal them and it won’t look trashy… That might be a stretch but we’ll see. Either way, it feels good to have a home.



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