The No

I’ve known for as long as I can remember what I wanted to do with my life.

When I played Barbie’s or house with my sisters, I played this.

I worked hard to set myself up for the opportunity for a career in this field.

And yet somehow, at the culmination of it all, when all of that hard work is supposed to be paying off I can’t get anywhere.

Literally no where. And on paper I have done every.single.thing.right.  Jobs that I seemed to have in the bag have suddenly not been options.

As in, I go through the application process, I go through the interview process, I am praised for how perfect I am for this position, and I am told they definitely are going to initiate all the hiring paperwork. And then silence. For one reason or another something happens and I don’t hear anything, and then finally after weeks and weeks of waiting and wondering I’m told they are so sorry they just can’t hire at this time.

What the heck?

If it happened once I could understand. Even two or three times I would chalk up to the rough economy. But no less than six times makes me wonder what the eff is going on.

I seriously do not understand.


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